Our Story

How We Met: Both Sides of the Story

A long time ago (about 6 years)
in a galaxy far, far away (Houston, Texas)
a boy met a girl in a little store called Blue Leaf

Pat's Side
When we first met I actually lived in Colorado at the time and would routinely come into town (not enough according to mom) for events, parties, weekends, or just get a family fix, which means I'd pop into Blue Leaf every so often to annoy everyone. On one of these pop-ins, while I was perusing the $80 candle selection I noticed a beautiful brunette with the biggest green eyes you'd ever seen turn the corner and was left completely breathless. After playing it cool I asked Franny who that green eyed angel was and she gave me the rundown, which unfortunately included the fact that she had a long term boyfriend. After a few more visits, a graduation, some time living in Houston (I'm very patient evidently), fate finally gave us the chance I'd been waiting for. Sparks flew on our eventual first date which lasted well over three hours, yet felt like a moment. I knew she was the one. I know it's so cliche to say that, but I really did. She's perfect; sweet, smart, funny, gentle, honest, beautiful, and just so talented in everything she does. I can't wait to celebrate my unfathomable luck with all of you in San Miguel for our wedding!

Ash's Side
Our story of course begins at Blue Leaf. If it weren't for my mother insisting I apply for a part-time job there the summer after graduation, I never would have met my love dove. So, a big shout out to mom, thank you! We had several encounters prior to our first date (at Blue Leaf, Michelle's Halloween parties, or out on the town) and I remember always thinking how fun, sweet and cute Patrick was, but he was still living in Colorado, so there was nothing to be done... But then, finally, he moved back to Houston, and one fortuitous night, Mollie, Franny and I went to the House of Blues to see Old Crow Medicine Show and met up with Patrick and Co. That was the night the stomach flipping, heart racing crush hit me. We exchanged numbers, began casually texting, and then right after the new year we had our first date. For those three hours I felt like I was reconnecting with a best friend and I drove home that night thinking I might have met my soulmate. Fast forward a few weeks and we are inseparable...then at a late dance party at the Lopez Negrete abode, I decided to try to recreate the Dirty Dancing "Time of My life" catch and it was a magnificent failure. I tackled Patrick, we landed on and crushed Cathy's beloved puzzle table, and the next thing I know, my foot is gushing blood all over the floor. Patrick rushes me to the ER at 3 a.m. (but not before granting my request for a cigarette and one last drink), and while I was getting 5 stitches in my foot I looked over at him, and it was in that moment I realized I was falling in love and wanted him by my side forever. Our love has continued to grow over the past six years, and every day when I wake up next to him I'm reminded that I hit the jackpot. I'm so thankful I get to spend the rest of my life with the most genuine, patient, creative, smart, caring and incredibly handsome man. I can't wait to celebrate our love with all of you. Abrazos y besos!

Chryssi Tsoupanarias